True Detective
Ani (Rachel McAdams) was suspended in Season 2, episode 4 of "True Detective." HBO

Much has been written about Season 2 of "True Detective," but fans and critics alike were in the dark going into episode 4, as press were only given prior access to the first three episodes. The hour was a turning point in the story of the Ben Caspere murder investigation, which has become more complicated than Ray (Colin Farrell), Ani (Rachel McAdams) and Paul (Taylor Kitsch) expected. What happened in "Down Will Come"?

The episode begins with Jordan (Kelly Reilly) telling Frank (Vince Vaughn) that she wants to consider adoption. He does not like the idea. "I don't want to take on somebody else's grief," the crime boss tells his wife. He says they can talk about children more after he sets things right at work. For Frank, work means getting back into the drug business to restore his lost wealth, a decision that does not make his wife happy.

Elsewhere, Paul wakes up after spending the night at Miguel's (Gabriel Luna). When he leaves, he is confronted by press asking about war crimes allegedly committed by his unit in Iraq.

Meanwhile, as Ray and Ani examine Caspere's car, Ray warns Ani about raiding the Vinci mayor's house and making enemies. She does not seem too concerned.

Later, Ray picks up Paul, who seems broken up about whatever secrets he has in his military past. Paul says he "doesn't know how to be out in the world." "Nobody does," Ray replies. That night, Paul gets coffee with Emily (Adria Arjona), and she tells him she is pregnant. Paul seems to take the news as a route to some sort of salvation, telling Emily he loves her and and asking her to marry him.

Ray and Ani begin tracking a spiritual leader, Chessani, that has a connection to Caspere. First they speak to his daughter (Emily Rios). Then they reach out to Ani's father (David Morse), who knew Chessani from years ago.

Ani returns to the office to report to her superiors, but she gets some bad news. She has been suspended thanks to an internal affair complaint of sexual harassment that lodged by Steve (Riley Smith), the man she broke it off with in episode 3. Ani suspects the Vinci mayor is behind the sudden heat. But regardless, she is no longer allowed to be at the police station.

Ray and Frank meet at their usual spot and Frank, impressed with Ray's newfound sobriety, offers him a permanent job now that he is getting back into his less legal affairs. Ray declines. He does not want to be muscle, but Frank notes that "sometimes your worst self is your best self."

The next day, the group follows a lead on a suspect -- identified by Paul from a surveillance video of a man pawning some of Caspere's belongings -- and a warehouse where he is alleged to be hiding. Ray and Ani lead the raid, but they are put on the defensive when the criminals inside fire on them on the street. A gun fight ensues, during which the warehouse, which was apparently a meth lab site, suddenly explodes, and Dixon (W. Earl Brown) is shot dead. The fire fight becomes a street chase as Ani, Ray and Paul go after the fleeing suspects. The action intersects with a group of striking metro workers, leading to a lot of unwanted civilian casualties. By the time the dust settles, only Ray, Ani and Paul are left standing and alive, but all three are more than rattled and have a lot of explaining to do as more police arrive.

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