Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams, pictured in "True Detective" Season 2, addressed rumors that she and co-star Taylor Kitsch (not pictured) are dating. HBO

Any fan caught up on "True Detective" Season 2 knows that the love lives of Rachel McAdams' Ani Bezzerides and Taylor Kitsch's Paul Woodrugh leave a lot to be desired. Ani is dealing with a sexual harassment scandal after breaking things off with her casual boyfriend (Riley Smith) on the force, while Paul is struggling as a closeted gay man with a pregnant girlfriend. Off-screen, the two actors hopefully have much less chaotic personal lives, but that has not stopped the press from clamoring over rumors that the HBO series' stars are romantically linked, rumors that McAdams herself addressed Monday.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, McAdams laughed off rumors that the acting pair was more than friends. However, she shied away from explicitly confirming or denying any of the gossip.

“It’s funny the things the Internet likes to proclaim. [It’s the] weird, weird, bizarre, surreal side of it, but I guess you just have to laugh at it at a certain point,” said McAdams. "I’m like, ‘Who are these people? How did they confirm that?' I find it really confusing, but yeah, it’s an odd little thing.”

Watch McAdams' interview in the video below:

McAdams is no stranger to high profile relationships, having previously dated fellow Canadian actor Ryan Gosling. Perhaps, the actress hopes to play things closer to the chest this time around.

As for "True Detective," things will only get more dramatic for McAdams and Kitsch's characters in the second half of the HBO show's second season. In the upcoming episode 5, McAdams' Ani will have to pick up the pieces after epidode 4 ended in a shocking shootout that resulted in dozens of police and civilian casualties. Meanwhile, according to Kitsch himself, Paul Woodrugh is headed for a breakdown in future episodes as the veteran struggles to cope with concealing his identity as a gay man.

“He's unraveling. There are a couple scenes where you see him crack and not be able to hold on like he could before. Those are the scenes that just jumped out at me [to show] why he does what he does and acts how he acts,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “[You'll see] where he's come from and how suppressed he's been in that house and that relationship with his mother kind of unfolds. Then with the case, it's a slow burn. With Paul, he has bigger beats with his home life and just the repercussions of acting on something within himself. The [weight] he puts on himself is enormous, the strain.”

Has McAdams and Kitsch's on-screen drama led to an off-screen connection? Only time will tell. "True Detective" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.