President Donald Trump was mocked by his fellow 2016 presidential rival and former first lady, Hillary Clinton, for pushing various drugs for Coronavirus treatment and then suggesting that the country should return to work soon.

"Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse,” slamming the President, Clinton wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

The crux of her criticism was formed after President Trump expressed his desire for Americans to go back to work sooner than later. President Trump also shared his medical opinion over the treatment of COVID-19 suggesting use of anti-malarial drugs, NBC News reported.

"We're not going to let the cure be worse than the problem itself," said Trump to the reporters present at a White House briefing Monday.

In response to Trump’s opinion, Democrat Hillary Clinton said that the citizen’s problems would only be worsened, if they were to be sent back to work in dire conditions where hospital systems were being overwhelmed by the patients who have tested positive for coronavirus. 

"It's incredible that this has to be said: Letting thousands of people needlessly suffer and die is wrong. It's also not a recipe for rescuing the economy," Clinton tweeted. 

Tuesday was not the first time that the former New York Senator criticized Trump over his administration's response to the novel coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the nation. She had lectured him earlier in regard to how he should be handling the coronavirus outbreak and warned him that if he isn’t paying heed to her opinion, he is failing the Americans.

“Let’s try this again, @realdonaldtrump: Hospitals are already running out of ventilators and beds. Nurses are using bandanas as masks. If you’ve already ordered more with the Defense Production Act, tell us now. If you haven’t, you’re failing to lead and failing Americans,” she tweeted last week.

However, she was criticized by netizens who replied to her tweet showing their support for Trump.