Donald Trump arrives in New York where he will surrender to unprecedented criminal charges for an ex-president


  • A former Trump aide said the mug shot would appear to be 'most manly'
  • New York prohibits the release of a person's booking photos
  • NY Supreme Court denied media requests to cover courtroom proceedings

With his expected court appearance, former President Donald Trump could have the "most manly" and "most handsome mug shot" of all time, a former political aide said.

John Hogan Hidley, who served as Trump's Deputy Press Secretary during his presidency, quipped that Trump's booking photo would be the most good-looking of all time.

The former president faces arraignment at a Manhattan courthouse on Tuesday.

"We'll have a mug shot. For the record, it will be the most manly, most masculine, most handsome mug shot of all time," Hidley told TIME.

"I can say that definitely, before having even seen it."

Trump's mug shot is expected to draw much public attention, especially from his supporters and allies. This is despite New York restricting the release and publishing of mug shots under legislation proposed by former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Authorities in New York are banned from releasing a person's booking photos unless the release "will serve a specific law enforcement purpose."

Still, Trump's camp is reportedly pushing to use his police photograph on merchandise such as hats and T-shirts to boost his presidential campaign funds for 2024.

Surveys have also shown that Trump's indictment could actually benefit him in his third bid for the presidency in 2024.

In a post-indictment poll by Yahoo! News/YouGov conducted on March 30 and 31, Trump garnered a 26-point lead against his likely 2024 GOP primary challenger, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis -- 57% to 31% -- in a matchup among registered voters who are Republicans or those leaning towards Republican independents.

This is a significant surge from his eight percentage point-lead just two weeks ago -- 47% to DeSantis' 39%.

Despite the increasing public interest in Trump's arrangement, acting New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan denied on Monday night the request of media organizations to cover live courtroom proceedings.

"Unfortunately, although genuine and undoubtedly important, the interests of the News Organizations must be weighed against competing interests. This Court is now called upon to engage in that balancing exercise," the decision read.

"The use of cell phones, laptops or any electronic devices will be strictly prohibited in the court rooms."

Trump flew to New York on Monday ahead of his arraignment for the alleged hush money payments he made to Stormy Daniels. He is expected to face over 30 counts of fraud.

After the proceeding, Trump is expected to deliver a speech Tuesday evening at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

Former president Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels