Donald Trump arrives in New York where he will surrender to unprecedented criminal charges for an ex-president


  • Trump's advisers said his mug shot could boost his presidential campaign funds by millions
  • One of Trump's attorneys opposed publicizing Trump's mug shot, noting that it's 'not going to help anything'
  • Trump's legal team will challenge 'every potential issue' in his indictment

Former President Donald Trump could use his indictment for his own political advantage as the world awaits the mug shot of the first ex-POTUS facing criminal charges.

Close aides and advisers of Trump are pushing him to turn his mug shot into campaign merchandise to fund his 2024 presidential campaign, sources familiar with the conversation told Rolling Stone.

Senior members of the Trump camp have reportedly discussed putting the ex-president's booked photo on hats, T-shirts and other merchandise. The 76-year-old Republican was told his mug shot could boost his campaign by millions of dollars.

He was also reportedly advised to demand the mug shot at his arraignment and publicize it. However, Trump has not made any decision.

"He didn't commit to requesting the mug shot [yet], but he didn't sound opposed to [these ideas]," a source told Rolling Stone.

To recall, $4 million was raised for Trump's campaign in the 24 hours after he was indicted over alleged hush money payments he made to adult film star Stormy Daniels that dates back to the 2016 presidential election.

New York authorities are prohibited from releasing a person's booking photos "unless public release of such photographs will serve a specific law enforcement purpose and disclosure is not precluded by any state or federal laws."

In the case of Trump, the photo won't be made public unless they are leaked or released by Trump himself.

However, one of Trump's attorneys opposed the idea, noting that it's "not going to help anything."

Alina Habba underscored that there's no need for such theatrics because Trump is a public figure recognized worldwide.

"I like transparency. I think that in certain situations, it's a good thing. I do have a problem with leaking of pictures," Habba told CNN's Don Lemon on Monday morning.

"I think that because we're in a campaign, because he's the leading GOP candidate, it's not going to help anything."

Trump arrived in New York City on Monday, a day before he is expected to turn himself in and face more than 30 criminal charges in a Manhattan court following the historic grand jury indictment.

According to Joe Tacopina, one of Trump's attorneys, the former president will plead not guilty, CNN reported.

"Will look at every potential issue that we will be able to challenge, and we will challenge," he added.

Some supporters of Donald Trump appeared outside Trump Tower after his arrival from Florida