President Donald Trump’s interview with political reporter Jonathan Swan for “Axios on HBO” is being compared to an episode of the political satire series “Veep.”

After the interview was released Monday night, Twitter took aim at Trump's response to Swan's questions regarding the coronavirus death rate statistics. While Swan wanted to discuss the high COVID-19 death rate per capita in the U.S., Trump wanted to focus on the case fatality rate, which is the proportion of known cases that end in death and has lower stats.

In the clip, Trump can also be seen shuffling through papers to show Swan the case statistics, but the reporter continues to press the president about the mortality rate. 

At one point Swan noted that “one thousand Americans are dying a day.” However, Trump insisted he was focusing on the wrong statistics.

“No, but you’re not reporting it correctly, Jonathan,” Trump replied.

The heated exchange resulted in a slew of tweets comparing the argument to a scene from “Veep," the now-defunct HBO series that starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus as fictional politician Selina Meyer.

"For a second, I thought that Trump had agreed to participate in a spoof," TV writer Bryan Behar tweeted Tuesday, as seen above. "This clip is more 'Veep' than 'Veep.'"

“Yes, this is like a scene from 'Veep.' Except on ‘Veep’ this scene would have been re-written after the table read, because a president being this stupid is too gaggy and unrealistic,” another user wrote

Reporter Josh Moon suggested that the clip would make for an entertaining television show. “I can’t stop thinking about this. Because it’s a perfect sitcom scene. You don’t even have to change the words or the performances. Just insert the ‘Veep’ close or the 'Curb [Your Enthusiam]' music at the end,” he wrote.

Another person wrote, “If you showed me this in, say, 2013-14, I’d be saying it was so funny Trump was doing Cameo’s in the natural spin off from ‘VEEP.’ Because this is spot on Thick of It level satire, except it’s real, and it is horrible.”

One user compared Trump’s behavior in the interview to that of Louis-Dreyfus’ character on the show. “If you’ve ever watched 'Veep' this is exactly how an interview with Selina Meyer (to make her look stupid) was written,” the individual wrote. “It could almost be pulled verbatim. Except no one wrote this, he really is just fumbling with papers and saying these things. Our president.”

The full "Axios on HBO" episode can be viewed here.

Donald Trump President Donald Trump is pictured. Photo: AFP/JIM WATSON