Angelia Jolie is not causing any problem in Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s marriage despite rumors.

Life & Style published a report claiming that there was “instant connection” between Hemsworth and Jolie. An insider claimed that after the Comic Con event where the “Thor” actor and “Maleficent” actress were seen on stage, Hemsworth and Pataky “got into a huge argument.”

The unnamed source claimed that Hemswoth’s wife was jealous of “The Eternals” actress. Jolie has allegedly stolen Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston using her charm, so Pataky was alarmed.

Another source said that Pataky was in “panic mode” and she was “petrified of history repeating itself.” Hemsworth has already assured his wife that she has nothing to worry about, but Pataky was reportedly “at her wits end.”

The source said that Jolie loved every second she spends with Hemsworth at Comic Con and wanted to have a project with the “Avengers” star as an onscreen couple. Jolie reportedly found Hemsworth “younger, sexier more exciting version of Brad Pitt.”

However, the reports claiming that Jolie is causing marital problems between Hemsworth and Pataky are not true. Last month, Pataky shared a sweet tribute to her husband to celebrate his birthday and even called him her favorite human being.

“Happy birthday to my favourite human being, my husband my partner, my love, best dad ever, Im so proud of you and who you are. Don’t ever stop making us laugh. You make every moment in our lives so happy,” Pataky wrote on Instagram.

Jolie and Hemsworth first made headlines when they were photographed together at the Golden Globes. Ellen DeGeneres asked the actor about the photo and he clarified things.

According to him, he was not sitting alone with Jolie, the people just cropped the picture. In the original photo, Hemsworth was seated with “Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waititi. He added that both him and his wife, Pataky, are fans of Jolie and he joked that between the too, his wife would be more jealous of Waititi than Jolie. The actor also said that his actual date for the event was Waititi and not really Jolie.