Rumors about Brad Pitt's dating life has been surfacing since his split with Angelina Jolie. However, none of the rumors have been confirmed.

Amid reignited rumors about Pitt's reunion with Jennifer Aniston, a new report claimed that the "Moneyball" star "struck up a romance with one of his recent co-stars and he’s even been on a few dates with one of his kids’ teachers." The new claim was made by Star magazine.

However, the claim of the source about Pitt being back on the market and having met "someone special," cannot be confirmed. Star magazine, cited by New Idea, has previously made several unreliable claims about Pitt, Jolie and Aniston. None of these claims could be verified. 

The report also claimed that Pitt is careful not to let Jolie know about his love life. He is allegedly "sneaking around LA undetected... He picks up dates on his motorcycle, which they love, then wines and dines them at friend’s restaurants, where they can sit in a private room and sneak out the back door," the source of the unverified report claimed.

The source also added that among the women he is dating, one of them might be someone special and "Brad could get more serious" but in the meantime “these women are having the time of their lives!”

False reports about Pitt and Aniston's secret weekend getaway surfaced last week. The Woman’s Day published a report claiming the two stars have rekindled their romance and they enjoyed a weekend getaway at Pitt’s beach house in Santa Barbara, California.

“Ever since Brad made the grand gesture of appearing at Jen’s 50th birthday bash in February, they’ve been meeting up on the sly,” the outlet quoted an insider as saying. However, the claims were debunked.

Aniston and Pitt's reunion rumors have been making the rounds despite repeated refutation on the matter.