Victoria Beckham
Rumors suggest Victoria Beckham will join the Spice Girls on tour. The designer is pictured attending the People’s Choice Awards on Nov. 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, California. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

When Victoria Beckham announced she was not going on a reunion tour with the Spice Girls she meant it. However, a new article is claiming the 44-year-old is having some trouble with her clothing line and has decided to join her old bandmates on tour.

Star published an article suggest Beckham’s fashion label hasn’t been financially successful and the star believes going on tour would be a great opportunity to bring in more cash.

“Vic sees herself as way too good for the Spice Girls and a very serious fashion icon. Well, the tour sold out instantly and Victoria sees all the money they’re raking in, so she’s warmed to the idea of joining them,” an alleged source told the tabloid.

The supposed confidant went on to imply the rest of the Spice Girls were less than thrilled about Beckham’s decision, however, they believe her presence could bring in even more money.

Despite the report, a Beckham insider told Gossip Cop the Star article is false. The fact-checking website also noted this wasn’t the first time the tabloid reported a false story about Beckham.

In June, Star published an article claiming the designer was getting a divorce after she discovered her husband, David Beckham, was cheating on her with their daughter’s teacher and had gotten the woman pregnant.

A rep for Victoria and David later denied any truth to the infidelity and divorce rumors.