Tucker by Gaby Basora
Gaby Basora is proud to open the doors of her first Tucker shop in Soho. Tucker

Nestled in New York City's fashionable Soho region is the first store front for Tucker by Gaby Basora. With large windows and a skylight that let in a pool of light, the space is warm and welcoming. Decorated with antique furniture and hand-picked fabrics, the shop is both cozy and stylish.

Basora is thrilled about the grand opening of her boutique at 355 West Broadway, despite the bumpy road it took to get there. The original plan was to have the shop open for Spring 2012, but in late July 2011 a fire consumed the Tucker design studio and Basora was desperate for a haven.

She certainly found it in the 2,000-square foot storefront, which acts as both her showroom and design studio. Located in the southwestern corner of Soho, Tucker can call Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang neighbors.

West Broadway still retains the small world feeling that Soho used to exude, with restaurants and cafes and art galleries, said Basora. It is off the beaten path from the high street brands on Broadway. Conversations with locals on the street usually involve great stories about the neighborhood.

The Tucker line started with one single blouse, made by Gaby for Gaby. Dubbed the little blouse that could, the line blossomed from that small seedling into a beautiful promising collection. Tucker was first launched exclusively to Barney's in 2006 and now is sold at over 350 retailers.

Tucker's Holiday 2011 collection is mixture of rich and muted hues; monochromatic pairings and bold prints; and 70s flair with a modern masculine edge. Expect to see A-line skirts, sharp blazers, feminine blouses and flared pants. Tucker is the perfect pick for casual yet refined holiday wear.

Basora is inspired wholly by life experiences. Marguerite Duras, a drawing by my son, the way a tree looks when I'm biking by it, the French schoolgirls I saw when I visited Paris... It all contributes, it all gets remixed in my head, she said.

I want the clothes to feel mysteriously family, like a resurfacing memory you never want to forget.

And it certainly seems like her quaint abode in Soho will be the perfect place to make more.