A CNN reporter was arrested on live TV Saturday while filming a segment on a rash of protests marking the one-year anniversary of the Taksim Square protests.

Ivan Watson is seen reporting in front of a line of police when a group of unidentified men surround him and ask for his passport and press card. Just as the video ends, Watson can be heard saying, “We’re being detained right now,” and then, “I’m being kicked.”

Watson says he and his team were released shortly after being detained.

25,000 Turkish police officers were deployed to disperse protesters seeking to demonstrate in commemoration of last year’s protest. Tear gas was used and photos show protesters badly injured and being detained.

The protests last year were sparked by a redevelopment plan for a popular square in Istanbul, but evolved into a massive protest against the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Millions of Turks took to the streets. Nineteen people were killed and thousands injured in clashes with police.