They'll have some big shoes to fill after Margo Martindale's Emmy-winning performance as Mags Bennett, but FX confirms that Desperate Housewives alum Neal McDonough and 24 co-star Mykelti Williamson will play villains in the new season of Justified.

Season three, which is scheduled to premiere in January, will include McDonough as Quarles, a sharp-dressed Detroit mobster who thinks he can breeze into Harlan and become the holler's head gangster.

Williamson will play Harlan County local Limehouse, who also has visions of doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Both newbies are almost certainly going to clash with Boyd Crowder (Emmy nominee Walton Goggins), who made a brilliant play against Mags to firmly establish himself as the new godfather of all illegal doings in Harlan County at the end of the second season.

As first reported, season three, which went into production this week, will also include the return of Emmy-nominated guest star Jeremy Davies as Mags' son Dickie.

Dickie might still harbor some resentment toward Boyd and marshal Raylan Givens (Emmy nominee Timothy Olyphant), given that Boyd and Raylan had a hand in wiping out his whole family.