“Twin Peaks” will return to television in 2016, but some need to watch the original series first. The new series is a continuation that picks up 25 years after the original show left off. Showtime ordered a limited run of nine episodes, and we’re guessing that a short run won’t leave too much time to fill in new fans. That means it’s time to turn to Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix’s instant streaming service has the entire series currently available. Don't worry if you don't like paying for monthly subscriptions because fans can also watch the entire series on Hulu for free (though they will have to watch ads). Season 1 is eight episodes long while Season 2 received the average 22 episodes. With 30 episodes total, the series is pretty easy to binge-watch, but some fans might want to pace themselves -- the new series won’t start until 2016.

However, Netflix fans shouldn’t wait too long to watch because the streaming service doesn’t leave titles available forever. On Oct. 1 the streaming service took away popular movies and TV shows such as “Ghostbusters,” “Law & Order,” “Mean Girls” and “Battlestar Galactica.”

Unfortunately, the follow-up movie isn't as easy to watch. “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” isn't available to stream on Hulu or Netflix, but it's available on DVD from Netflix.

The short-lived series was set in a fictional Washington town called Twin Peaks and followed the residents as they lead mysterious lives filled with dangerous secrets. The series started with the murder of Laura Palmer. Her death set off a chain of crazy events that no one could have predicted, and the mystery led to the 1990 show acquiring a cult following that was strong enough to bring it back to life 25 years later.

Check out the first season trailer below:

“Twin Peaks” will premiere in 2016 on Showtime. Will you be watching for the first time or re-watching the series on Netflix? Sound off in the comments section below!