An Alabama man survived drowning after some quick thinking from his 10-year-old twin sons, their friend, and a CPR scene from “The Sandlot” movie.

On Wednesday, Brad Hassig and the three young lifesavers appeared on the NBC program “Today” to share their story about the incident.

On June 14, twins Bridon Hassig and Christian Hassig were hanging out in their backyard swimming pool with their pal Sam Ebert as their father did underwater breathing exercises.

However, things went astray while Brad was “saying the Lord’s prayer” during his exercise and suddenly blacked out. “It seemed normal, and then just nothing,” he said.

Christian revealed he was the first to notice his dad needed help as the boys played on the side of the pool.

“I noticed that he wasn’t OK because he was laying on his side, and his face was starting to turn blue,” Christian said.

Bridon and Sam then jumped into action as Christian was tasked with finding help since the boys couldn’t unlock their father’s phone to call the police.

“Me and Sam dove into the water and grabbed one arm and pulled him next to the steps,” Bridon said. “With the water, it makes it lighter, and luckily we are strong swimmers.”

After Sam screamed that they needed to perform CPR, Bridon remembered a scene from one of his favorite movies, “The Sandlot.” In the baseball movie, one of the preteen characters tricked a female lifeguard into kissing him by pretending he needed cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

By following the steps from the movie, Bridon was able to resuscitate his father, who began spitting out water. Meanwhile, Christian managed to flag down a car and asked the driver to call 911. The medics arrived soon after.

“I went from just complete peace, saying the Lord’s Prayer, and then everything was just white,” Brad said.

“And as I kind of moved, I was moving over to my side, and I went from peace to being slammed on the deck of the pool. And then just chaos.”

Upon regaining consciousness while poolside, Brad recalled the cries of the concerned children as medics worked on him.

“I heard, ‘daddy, daddy come back,’ ‘daddy, daddy, you have to be ok,’” Brad said. “Everyone was everywhere. There were first responders... It was crazy.”

Brad was later transported to the hospital and recovered. Although he is grateful for the quick thinking of the young boys, Brad also believes divine intervention was at work when it came to saving his life.

“There’s no way physically they should have been able to pull a 185-pound man out of the water like that,” he said.

“And to know and do what all of them did perfectly, as quickly, no lack of action, to run as fast as they did, it’s God’s hand was all over it.”

As a reward for saving their dad’s life, the twins each got an iPhone. However, Brad is hoping that the mobile devices also serve as peace of mind for the boys, who will be able to call for help if there is ever an emergency.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / aghostmaycome