Fans of the ABC Family show “Twisted” finally got the news they were waiting for Wednesday, but, unfortunately it was not good news. The network decided to cancel “Twisted” after only one season following poor ratings. A passionate cult fan base and a rabid twitter following were not enough to save the doomed series.

The writing was on the wall for the murder-filled drama. After its March 2013 premiere pulled in 1.19 million viewers, which jumped to 1.79 million when the show began airing regularly in June, the show’s ratings fell to just 770,000 by the April 2014 Season 1 finale. Things started to look bleaker still when it was announced that “Twisted” star Avan Jogia was cast in the Spike miniseries, “Tut,” suggesting that perhaps the cast was aware of the need to move on.

“Twisted” creator Adam Milch responded to the cancellation news on Twitter, thanking everyone involved for the experience.

Avan Jogia also reacted to the news, linking to a statement on his Twitter. Jogia was evidently on set when he got the news posting, “Got a break in shooting and just hearing the news myself that 'Twisted' has been officially canceled. Thanks for sticking with us through this long process of waiting. It's fate and want to thank everyone who invested their time in the show. We had an unbelievably memorable time making it. Much love to our wonderful cast and crew and to you the viewers who showed us such amazing support.”

Season 1 of “Twisted” ended with a gunshot, leaving fans wondering if Kyle shot Charlie after the shocking revelation that Charlie is Tess’s son. With no Season 2, fans may not get any answers, a possibility that riled up the show’s Twitter following.

Though cancelled, “Twisted” is fresh off a bunch of nominations in the August 10 “Teen Choice Awards” on Fox. The show was nominated for choice actor (Jogia), choice actress (Maddie Hasson), and choice drama. The nominations and the show’s fan support are a silver lining as the series reaches its end.

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