A Twitter user was ridiculed for making a sign criticizing former First Lady Michelle Obama’s reaction to Hurricane Katrina, mistakenly implying Barack Obama was president during the tragedy and using a photo of Condoleezza Rice instead of Michelle Obama.

Twiter user @TrumpResponders posted a photo in February 2017 of a sign that read, “Three days after Katrina she was shopping!” The tweet accompanying the photo said, “Three days after Hurricane Katrina: Where was Michelle Obama?”

Hurricane Katrina, a 2005 tropical storm that ravaged parts of the Bahamas, Cuba and North America — especially Louisiana — occurred during George W. Bush’s presidency. The person who made the sign used a photo of Condoleezza Rice, not one of Michelle Obama.

Twitter user @PhattiLabelle, quoted the tweet Tuesday, adding, “1. Obama wasn’t in office during Katrina. 2. B----, that’s Condoleezza Rice.” Former President Barack Obama did not take office until 2008 and Condoleezza Rice was the 66th United States Secretary of State from Jan. 26, 2005 to Jan. 20, 2009.

The tweet of @TrumpResponders’ sign received over 600 retweets and 1,000 likes. @PhattiLabelle’s tweet quoting @TrumpResponders’ to point out inconsistencies received almost 70,000 retweets and over 150,000 likes.

Current First Lady Melania Trump was met with backlash Tuesday for wearing stiletto heels while boarding Air Force One to accompany her husband, President Donald Trump, to his Hurricane Harvey briefing in Texas. Many said her choice of footwear represented a disconnect between the Trump administration and people in Texas who experienced losses due to the hurricane. Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas in the past few days, causing heavy flooding and destruction of homes. However, by the time the Trumps landed in Texas, Melania had changed into more comfortable footwear — donning a pair of white sneakers as she got off the plane.

Twitter had some swift replies to @TrumpResponders’ tweet as well as to @PhattiLabelle’s response.

Criticism of former First Lady Michelle Obama is nothing new, as media outlets have sometimes misconstrued her words and criticized her for the clothing she wore. But this may be one of the only instances in which she was mistakenly identified in such a public way.