Josephine Lamberti, Josie Dimples, is on a mission to get 80,000 twitter followers before, well as she puts it, before I die.

I'm 80yrs old & I want 80K followers (or maybe a million) before I die! #OLDladySWAG FOLLOW MY GRANDSON! @DonnyDFINE DANCING & COOKING MEATBALLS, her Twitter bio reads.

Lamberti is an 80-year-old Staten Island, N.Y., grandmother who wants at least 80,00 twitter followers, 1,000 for each year that she has lived. Currently, Lamberti is close to 67,000 followers and goes by the moniker @J_Dimps for Josie Dimples.

Not only has Lamberti attracted the attention of nearly 67,000 people she has also got some Hollywood fans. Lamberti is being followed by Jason Segel, Missy Elliot, Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Milla Jovovich, Stacey Dash and Jenny McCarthy.

Lamberti also gets pretty playful with her pictures. Her background image is a picture of herself with wide rimmed white sunglasses on, long chain necklaces, a headband that says J-Dimps, a shirt that says 'Everybody Loves A Player,' fake tattoos and holding up dollar bills. In her picture album she is sporting some of the same gear, holding up signs saying Follow Me @J_Dimps and even Tebowing!

Lamberti is also an active tweeter and likes to message celebrities.She has reached out to Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian and The Situation in the midst of her nearly 24,000 tweets.

@Jlo_Foreverr @JLo #ItsInsaneHow life is too short! Im 80yrs old and making best of it! Retweet if ya agree Jennifer!

@TeamSitch_GTL @ItsTheSituation #ItsInsaneHow an 80yr old like me can have so much #OLDladySWAG! RT if you agree Mike!

@krazykardashian @KhloeKardashian Khloe I took a new pic to help my 80yr old dimples reach 80K followers! RT me doll!

@RIHquest @Rihanna RIh my dear retweet my 80yr old self! I'm a gangster grandma! I want to meet you in NYC!

When Lamberti is not boasting her #OLDladySWAG she says she enjoys dancing and cooking meatballs.