“House of Cards” fans who haven’t finished the second season of the highly acclaimed Netflix drama were the victims of a major spoiler alert when “President Underwood” trended on Twitter Sunday night.

“President Underwood” undoubtedly trended across the country because Kevin Spacey, who plays manipulative and cutthroat politician Frank Underwood on “House of Cards,” was a presenter during Sunday night’s Oscars. Spacey, 54, introduced the recipients of this year’s honorary Oscars.

As Spacey approached the lectern, he did his best Frank Underwood impression to the delight of the Oscars crowd. And that’s when “President Underwood” started trending.

For “House of Cards” fans who aren’t done binge-watching and who have a Twitter account -- and checked the social media site Sunday night -- “President Underwood” appeared without any spoiler warnings. Although the latest season lays the groundwork for then-Vice President Underwood to become President Underwood, it was still a surprise to some Twitter users.