• Jared Kushner was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by pro-Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz
  • Many Twitter users questioned Kushner's nomination and considered it a joke  
  • Some netizens were happy for Kushner's nomination and congratulated him  

Jared Kushner's nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize sparked different reactions from Twitter users.

Kushner was nominated by pro-Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz for the work he did in the Middle East while serving for the Trump administration. The move received mixed responses on Twitter, with many saying Ivanka Trump's husband doesn't deserve to win and some wondering if the nomination was a joke.

"Omg this has to be a joke. Come on Hannity fun is fun bantering is fun but Jared Kushner nominated for the Nobel prize if just frightening and insulting to Americans," one wrote.

"It's a joke Right? Who in their f---ing right mind would nominate jared nazi kushner for the Nobel peace prize. It's pathetic," a different netizen asked.

"Alan Dershowitz nominating Jared Kushner for a Nobel Peace Prize is like Hannibal Lecter nominating Jeffrey Dahmer for a Michelin Star," author Jack Wallen tweeted.

"Jared Kushner doesn’t deserve the prize found in a crackerjack box, much less the Nobel Peace Prize," another wrote.

"The thought of that man possibly receiving a Nobel Peace Prize is alarming. He doesn’t deserve a prize of any kind; since when are felons eligible for a prestigious award! The whole notion is simply ridiculous!" a fifth user added.

While some didn't take Kushner's nomination seriously, many also supported Dershowitz's move. For them, Ivanka's husband deserves it and he could possibly win it. Many also congratulated him for the nomination on the micro-blogging site.

"Kushner did more to advance positive relations that can lead to real peace in the Mideast than 50 years of prior incompetent administrations who bent over backwards to support Palestinian terrorists instead of Israel," one commented.

"The Nobel Peace Prize is not for popularity - For BlackLivesMatter to be nominated is a total, BAD JOKE- The Nobel committee have lost their minds! All jokes aside, the person who should WIN the Nobel Peace Prize is JARED KUSHNER, for his accomplishments in the Middle East!!!" another agreed.

"Congratulations to Jared Kushner on your Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Well deserved for helping to broker the historic Middle East Abraham accords! God Bless the Trump administration for these peace deals.They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong. As usual," @wendi1860 wrote.

Kushner felt honored after learning about the nomination. In a statement to People, he recalled how he brokered peace agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco — a first in over 25 years.

"Thanks to these agreements the region is on a new trajectory that will improve the lives of millions of Israelis and Arabs. Thank you to President Trump and the courageous leaders in the region for making this breakthrough possible," he said.

US President Donald Trump's advisor, Jared Kushner said Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas did not want to reach a peace deal
US President Donald Trump's advisor, Jared Kushner said Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas did not want to reach a peace deal AFP / SAUL LOEB