• Amber Heard insisted that she was telling the truth in her testimony
  • Many Twitter users maintained that they didn't believe Heard 
  • Heard's supporters rallied to back her up after the interview

Amber Heard insisted that she only told the truth in her first post-trial interview, and Twitter users shared mixed opinions about it.

Heard spoke with NBC News' Savannah Guthrie on "Today" Tuesday. She doubled down on her innocence after losing the defamation trial against Depp. She said the process was "surreal and difficult," Variety reported.

"To my dying day, I'll stand by every word of my testimony," Heard said when asked if she stood by her abuse allegations against Depp. The "Aquaman" star also insisted that "I made a lot of mistakes, but I've always told the truth."

Twitter users immediately responded to Heard's insistence in the interview. Many were not convinced because they allegedly caught her lying on the stand multiple times when she testified in the defamation trial against the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star.

"Amber Heard with Savannah Guthrie: 'I always told the truth' So, Amber Heard is working on her next career as a stand-up comedian, I see," one user sarcastically tweeted.

"Donating the money. NOT starting physical fights. I didn't hurt Johnny. Says the one who swears she's telling the truth," a different person added, referring to Heard's testimony in the trial.

"Really? Like having donated your divorce settlement cash? Really?? REALLY??!! Pull the other one ‘cos it's about as wooden as your acting skills madam," another wrote.

"Amber Heard is NOT a victim of Domestic Violence. She’s the Abuser, she’s the liar, she’s the manipulator. She’s the one trying to fool the whole world because she’s a woman. You abused Depp. Period," one netizen added.

Several netizens called out Heard for allegedly lying during her testimony, especially when Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez cross-examined her. Vasquez clarified with Heard if she already donated the $7 million divorce settlement she received from Depp because she previously said in a 2018 interview that she did and said the same in the U.K. trial.

"Seven million in total was donated to, I split it between the ACLU and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles," Vasquez quoted Heard as saying in the interview.

The "Aquaman 2" star confirmed it and said she already "pledged" the $7 million to the charities. But when Vasquez insisted that she wanted to know if the amount was "donated" and not "pledged," Heard admitted that she hasn't donated the entire amount because Depp sued her.

Andrew Nicol, the British judge who heard the libel case, believed Heard's statement that she donated the entire divorce money. Nicol said he didn't accept the characterization of Heard being a gold-digger because she had already donated the money.

"Her donation is hardly the act one would expect of a gold-digger," said the judge who favored The Sun and denied Depp's petition to appeal.

The hashtag #AmberHeardIsALiar also trended on Twitter during the trial. Many said they didn't believe Heard's testimony because there was overwhelming evidence showing Depp was the victim.

One netizen slammed Heard and her supporters for accusing them of blindly supporting Depp. According to the netizen, they believed Depp "based on facts, photos and evidence." Another also said that Heard's testimony was unbelievable, especially the allegation that Depp assaulted her with a bottle.

The online user said that Heard would be seriously injured if it was true and would need stitches. Another agreed, saying if it were true, there would be "guaranteed bleeding and tearing." However, there were no medical records about the alleged assault.

Meanwhile, Heard's fans rallied to support her. They were happy she could speak her truth once again through the interview.

"She literally did. She testified to hitting him back when she was being attacked or felt threatened, testified to throwing things, testified that they would call each other ugly names. Unlike Depp, she takes responsibility, and also unlike him, she actually feels shame about it," a Heard supporter stated.

"#IStandWithAmberHeard #JusticeForAmberHeard Amber is telling the truth," a different supporter commented.

"Yes!! Truth is on Amber's side #IStandWithAmberHeard #JusticeForAmberHeard," another user wrote.

"This article published on Feb 10, 2005, please read till end. U’ll realize everything Amber says already was there.. the violence, self harm, addiction, delusional thoughts... #IStandWithAmberHeard #JusticeForAmberHeard," one netizen tweeted.

On June 1, the jury sided with Depp that Heard's 2018 Washington Post op-ed defamed her ex-husband. They awarded Depp $10.35 million in damages. Heard who countersued after Depp's lawyer Adam Waldman called her allegations a "hoax" partially won and was awarded $2 million in damages.

Daniel ShenSmith, a lawyer in England and Wales, started a petition to open Depp's appeal in the U.K. after the actor won his case against Heard in Virginia. According to him, Depp's victory meant that "the alleged abuse did not occur" and the decision in the U.S. was in "stark contrast with the U.K."

He believed that "the right evidence" was heard in the U.S. trial that aired publicly. He added that there were "issues with disclosure" in the U.K. trial and "two very different decisions, in my view, that isn't justice."

Heard's interview will appear on "Today" throughout the week and air on a "Dateline" special on Friday at 8 p.m. E.T.

Amber Heard in the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Virginia on June 1, 2022
Amber Heard in the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Virginia on June 1, 2022 POOL via AFP / EVELYN HOCKSTEIN