• Wells Fargo requested a hearing to determine whether Wendy Williams needs a professional to intervene in her affairs
  • The bank claimed it has "strong reason to believe" Williams is a "victim of undue influence and financial exploitation"
  • Fans and social media users questioned the bank's claims that Williams needs guardianship

Twitter users backed Wendy Williams in her legal fight with her bank.

Wells Fargo recently sent a letter to New York Supreme Court Judge Arlene Bluth claiming that Williams is an "incapacitated person" who needs guardianship. The bank requested a hearing to determine whether Williams, who has not hosted her daytime talk show since July 2021 due to ongoing health issues, needs a professional to intervene in her affairs.

"We are concerned about [Williams'] situation," attorney David H. Pikus wrote on behalf of the bank in the letter, which was obtained by Page Six. "It is our hope that the Guardianship Part [of the court] will imminently appoint a temporary guardian or evaluator to review the situation and ensure that [Williams’] affairs are being properly handled."

The move came after Williams' attorney filed an emergency petition on Feb. 4 claiming Wells Fargo has denied the TV host, 57, access to her "accounts, assets and statements" for more than two weeks after Williams' former financial adviser Lori Schiller alleged Williams was "of unsound mind."

Fans and social media users questioned the bank's claims that Williams needs guardianship after denying the TV personality access to her financial assets, which Williams said in court docs "total over several million dollars."

"It's reprehensible how most news outlets covering @WendyWilliams' case refuse to question its most obscene/dangerous component: financial institution @WellsFargo is able to petition for a Guardianship of a human being. We need to call them out. It could be us next if we don't," one person tweeted.

"@WellsFargo⁩ this is messed up!! Why seek to put her account under guardianship without her consent or any notification?" another Twitter user wrote.

"Neither Wendy Williams nor her attorney was notified that Wells Fargo petitioned the court for her to be placed under guardianship. WF also has asked the court to have these guardianship proceedings and records SEALED. WF wants to operate in SECRET," a third netizen claimed.

Another Twitter user said it was "pretty sketchy" for a banking institution to claim financial abuse and freeze its client's account while trying to get guardianship for her. The user added that regardless of the client's mental condition, "the bank that holds her money should not be the sole decider of her finances."

The lawyer representing the bank argued in a separate letter sent to the judge Wednesday that Wells Fargo "has strong reason to believe" Williams is a "victim of undue influence and financial exploitation." He requested to keep the case "under seal" to "preserve the confidential nature."

A Wells Fargo spokesperson also denied "allegations of improper actions with respect to Ms. Williams' accounts." The rep insisted that "the financial well-being of our clients is at the heart of everything we do."

Williams had fired Schiller as her adviser due to alleged "malfeasance" involving her accounts as well as "improper conduct in relation to their professional relationship," the host's lawyer claimed in court documents.

"It appears that Schiller was and is disgruntled by this decision for a potential change in direction, and it saddens me that [Wells Fargo] and I have not been able to resolve this controversy amicably," Williams claimed in her affidavit.

Williams also denied all allegations about her mental health and well-being, her lawyer LaShawn Thomas said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight Friday.

Williams filed for a temporary restraining order against the bank after it "refused to honor her Power of Attorney, granting her son authority to make inquiries to the bank on Wendy's behalf," according to the attorney.

"Wendy further believes that all of the false narratives currently making the rounds derive from this source and she is saddened that she once considered this person a friend," the lawyer added.

In her court filing, Williams asked a judge to order Wells Fargo to "reopen any frozen accounts or assets" and grant her "access to any and all accompanying statements."

She also wanted the bank to be barred "from freezing any and all assets which contain funds that were removed and/or withheld" from Williams' own personal and business accounts.

Williams said she and her family will face financial hardship if she continues to be denied access to her bank accounts as she would be unable to make payments on outstanding debts and other financial obligations.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams attends Annual Charity Day hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald, BGC and GFI at BGC Partners, INC on Sept. 11, 2018 in New York City. Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald