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GOT7 Jackson attended the opening ceremony of his own wax statue at Hong Kong Madame Tussaud¡®s on 29 July, 2019 in Hongkong, China. TPG/Getty Images


  • Jackson Wang kicked off the South American leg of "Magic Man" in Brazil on Monday
  • Wang invited one lucky fan and serenaded her on stage with "I Love You 3000"
  • The fan, however, seemingly touched Wang inappropriately during the performance

Jackson Wang brought one lucky fan on stage during the Brazil stop of his "Magic Man" world tour. But some social media users were disappointed by the fan's inappropriate behavior toward the singer.

The 29-year-old K-pop sensation performed before thousands of concertgoers at the Espaço Unimed in São Paulo, Brazil, on Monday, as part of his highly anticipated solo world tour.

At one point, Wang chose one lucky fan to go up with him on stage, and he serenaded her with his hit single "I Love You 3000."

Videos of the act were uploaded on Twitter and YouTube. However, it received negative reactions from some social media users, who claimed that the fan touched the singer inappropriately.

In a one-minute video uploaded by Twitter user @Rotitila, the female fan could be seen grabbing Wang's inner thigh. But the "Cruel" singer laughed it off and instead swung her legs over his. Elsewhere in the performance, she also seemingly kissed Wang on his neck and went in for a hug.

"It's not new that Jackson invites fans on stage, but that doesn't mean going overboard with your actions. It's ok to make it fun, but at least respect the man," one fan wrote of the interaction.

Another commented, "Lack of boundaries, I'm not comfortable with this."

"Jackson is so considerate of your feelings, but you are so pushy and aggressive to put his legs over yours and hold hands, he's trying his best to calm you down. The head pats in the end tho," a third user said.

"Jackson looks so uncomfortable but wanted to stay professional during the whole song performance, I feel so bad for him," a fourth user observed.

"I'm sorry to say this, but please behave yourself, girl. We need to set boundaries as a fan," a fan wrote, while another said, "Not cute. Bruh, have some respect for yourself. Let us know our limitations as a fan."

Throughout the performance, Wang remained professional and did not publicly call out the fan nor address her behavior. He also did not release an official statement regarding the incident. Instead, he penned a thank you message via Team Wang Record's official Twitter account.

"Thank you @alokoficial and all the people in São Paulo who made us feel the unique passion of Brazil! U guys showed us what Brazil was. CRAZY PASSION... We love this city and will never forget that crazy night," read the post, which featured some photos of the singer's performance.

Wang kicked off the South American leg of "Magic Man" in Brazil, performing alongside a special guest, a famous Brazillian musician and DJ named Alok.

He is scheduled to hit the stage once again at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Thursday. "Magic Man" will conclude at Mexico City's Arena CDMX next week, on May 25.

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