Hurricane Irma
In this NOAA handout image, NOAA's GOES satellite shows Hurricane Irma as it moves towards the Florida Coast in the Caribbean Sea taken at 03:30 UTC on Sept. 07, 2017. Getty Images/ NOAA GOES Project

Twitter was flooded with hilarious reactions soon after a CNN reporter interviewed a Florida man on Thursday as the man, who was apparently drunk, swore twice on live television while talking about Hurricane Irma.

Ahead of the hurricane’s landfall in South Florida, the CNN reporter was trying to capture the situation in the area and apparently found that people were choosing to get drunk at a bar rather than evacuating their homes and heading toward safety. To get a better idea about why people were reacting in this manner, the reporter interviewed Peter Althuis, the owner of “Snappers,” a bar in Key Largo.

Althuis was asked to explain to the viewers why people should not think that Florida Keys residents were “either drunk or nuts," as they raised glasses and sat cheering at a bar hours before a Category 5 storm was scheduled to hit the United States. “We are not leaving until it's really… the s--- hits the fan,” replied the owner. The reporter contained his surprise at the owner swearing on national television and said, "You can’t say that."

Althuis apologized for the profanity and the reporter continued with his interview. Next, Althuis was asked why he would choose to put his own life in danger just to save his business. The bar owner explained he was lucky that he was in the south in the Florida Keys rather than out in the north, which falls directly in the path of Hurricane Irma.

He added saying if he was stuck in the traffic somewhere far north, it would have been difficult to find a way out of danger. “What are you gonna do, you’re going to drive to Atlanta or you’re going to drive to… where are you going?... Then you look into your rear window and then you say oh s--- I’m too late,” said Althuis without realizing that he repeated the swear word again.

“You did it again. Sorry Peter, after two, we have to cut you off,” said the reporter with a smile and ended his interview midway. The news anchor back in the studio responded to the conversation between the bar owner and the reporter as CNN failed to censor the swear word during the live interview. He joked, “Peter might have had more than two at this point,” adding that the owner was a well-known personality in the area.

Soon after the reporter ended the conversation abruptly, he was ripped apart on Twitter. “CNN, a hurricane is coming. No one cares if a drunk guy says s--- on TV. Also you are at a bar in Key West. What did you expect?” wrote a user.

“This homeowner on CNN just said 's---' twice in his interview about Irma and it was some GOOD television” wrote another.

Another said: “The guy on @CNN right now makes me wonder why you can't say 's---' on national television.”

“I'm so excited that a dude just said 's---' live on CNN. Has my life really come to this?” wrote another one.

“@cnn: the most trusted name in drunken bar owners talking s--- (literally) about hurricanes,” tweeted another user.

According to the official website of Snappers, the bar was founded in 1989 although the records show food, drinks, and good times have been served up here dating back to the 1960s. “The Florida Keys are a very special place and we are proud to be part of the fabric and folklore of the Conch Republic. The Florida Keys have long attracted rebels and renegades from places far and near, we love it that way and think it’s important we Keep it Keysy around here… " the website reads.