• Prince Harry encouraged the viewers to dedicate 30 to 45 minutes each morning for their well-being
  • The Duke of Sussex said that putting time to practice mental fitness is work, but it's the most fulfilling apart from fatherhood
  • Twitter users praised Prince Harry because he looked young, relaxed, fit, fresh and happy at the virtual event

Prince Harry looked better after moving to California, according to the netizens.

The Duke of Sussex just made his first appearance for 2022 at a virtual event with BetterUP CEO Alexi Robichaux and Meghan Markle's friend Serena Williams Thursday. The trio talked about "cultivating the power of Mental Fitness through a bold commitment to Inner Work."

During the chat, Prince Harry admitted he does "experience burnout." So, he encouraged the audience to take time for their well-being. Markle's husband said that he spends 30 to 45 minutes each morning focusing on himself.

"Okay, one of the kids has gone to school. The other one's taking a nap. There's a break in our program," he was quoted as saying by People. "It's like, right, it's either for workout, take the dog for a walk, get out in nature, maybe meditate."

He talked to Williams and said one's "me time" should be a habit. It should be part of a daily routine like brushing one's teeth.

"It's work, but out of all the work we do, it's the most fulfilling work," Prince Harry said about practicing mental fitness before adding, "Apart from being a dad!"

After sharing how he copes with the demand of his work and fatherhood, many praised him because he looked so good even after welcoming his second child. According to them, life in California appeared to suit him better.

"Fatherhood, husbandhood and that Cali life suit him! You can see that he's so much more at peace with himself and with his surroundings. Glad he has made some friends through his work at BetterUp too! #GoodJob #PrinceHarry," one commented.

"He looks really good! Healthy and really relaxed!" another added.

"Harry looks quite fit. He also looks relaxed and happy. It's nice to see," a third netizen wrote.

"Prince Harry looks so young and fit! Freedom looks good on him!" a fourth user added.

"Harry looks healthier than ever. His new lifestyle seems to really suit him. Well done, Harry!" a fifth netizen wrote.

Another user said Prince Harry looked so "fresh and handsome" and credited it to his wife Markle, saying, "Well done Meg." A different user stated, "California Harry looks so much better than England Harry."

Prince Harry and Markle left their royal duties in 2020. The royal couple stayed in Canada for a couple of months before settling down in California.

Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, seen in September 2021, will serve as 'impact partners' for the investment firm Ethic
Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, seen in September 2021, will serve as 'impact partners' for the investment firm Ethic AFP / Angela Weiss