Comedian John Mulaney is facing backlash on Twitter after he allowed Dave Chappelle to open his Ohio show with transphobic jokes.

On Friday, Chappelle provided a surprise opening set for Mulaney’s audience at Ohio State University’s Value City Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

However, members of the crowd were left offended after Chappelle told jokes that appeared to target the transgender community.

Audience members were not allowed to film the show and were required to lock their phones up before the performance began. Once Chappelle was done with his set, Mulaney came onstage and hugged his fellow comedian.

After the show ended, members of the audience took to Twitter to share their experiences and criticize the comedic performance.

By Saturday, Mulaney and Chappelle’s names were trending topics on Twitter. Many fans appeared upset with Mulaney, whose stand-up routines typically consisted of self-deprecating humor and jokes about his personal life.

“Disappointed in John Mulaney but also really crushed to know that Chappelle has leaned into transphobia so much that it’s pretty much his only bit now,” one person wrote.

Another person suggested people should reconsider worshipping celebrities due to the disappointment. “Remember back in the day when everyone praised John Mulaney for being an unproblematic fav. Don’t idolize celebs people,” the individual wrote.

Chappelle previously faced backlash for his controversial jokes in his 2019 Netflix special “Sticks and Stones” and 2021 special “The Closer.”

Earlier this month, Chappelle was tackled on stage during a performance and joked that the culprit was a trans man.

Mulaney and Chapelle have not publicly addressed the backlash following their comedy set in Ohio.

John Mulaney
Pictured: John Mulaney poses at the opening night of "Sea Wall/A Life" on Broadway at The Hudson Theatre on August 8, 2019 in New York City. Getty Images/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic