• A report claims Ivanka Trump will attend Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20, though there has been no official confirmation
  • Some Twitter users have urged officials not to invite Ivanka
  • Others believe Ivanka deserved to have a place at the ceremony

Joe Biden will take the oath of office as president during the 59th inaugural ceremonies on Jan. 20. One person Twitter users are hoping would be left out of the guest list is Ivanka Trump.

On Friday, President Donald Trump tweeted that he will not attend Biden's inauguration, just shortly before Twitter announced the permanent suspension of his personal account. However, Daily Mail reported Monday, citing a "White House insider," that unlike her father, Ivanka plans to make an appearance.

Though there is no official confirmation that Ivanka will attend the ceremony, the report was met with criticism and mockery on Twitter.

"Hear me out on this: don’t let Ivanka attend the Inauguration. Period," activist and writer Charlotte Clymer tweeted.

"Please ban @Ivankatrump from the inauguration. She called the traitors 'patriots,' agreed with everything her father did, including kids in cages, and she has no 'promising political career.' She shouldn't be using this event to promote her own wretched self," Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of "Is This Tomorrow" and "Pictures of You," wrote.

One Twitter user wrote, "Someone tell Ivanka that her Take Your Daughter to Work Day 'promising career' ends at noon on Jan 20th."

"She should be disinvited. Remember how 5 days ago, she referred to the Domestic Terrorists as 'American Patriots'?" Nell Scovell, television writer and creator of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," tweeted.

Some Twitter users think Ivanka's presence at the inauguration would help make it safer. Others believe she deserved to be there, claiming she had accomplished a lot during her time as senior White House advisor.

"No, her presence makes an attack less likely. Trump publicly announcing he would not attend was seen as a possible signal to his cult that they could attack the inauguration without harming him. Now, with Ivanka there, it makes that scenario considerably less likely," one wrote.

"People are going to bash her because she's a Trump, however, she really has done some great things during these last 4 years. Ivanka is her own person and I think it's great that she is attending the inauguration. It's the right thing to do and I applaud her for it," another added.

"It’s the better of two bad alternatives. Unlike many, at least she’s making an effort to bridge the divide," a third user said of Ivanka.

While Ivanka's attendance has not been confirmed, a source "familiar with the plans" told CNN that Vice President Mike Pence will attend the inauguration.

Biden's inauguration will be different from past ceremonies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The president-elect's inaugural committee has discouraged people from traveling to Washington, D.C., for the Jan. 20 ceremony, but Biden will still take the oath of office at the Capitol despite last week's riot.

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