• With coronavirus and other kinds of viral infection around, it is important to keep your body strong
  • You can do this by ensuring that your body has the right kind of nutrients
  • One of these important nutrients is zinc

From shopping malls and grocery stores to train stations and even sidewalks, and other similar areas, you can see a huge throng of people going about their lives. It is almost impossible to visit these places without bumping into or brushing against the body of someone.

Some of them may be sneezing or simply talking to their companions. In both instances, however, tiny droplets from their mouths or noses may float momentarily in the air when they sneeze or speak. If you happen to pass by closely, these small droplets could easily enter your system. Now imagine if they are afflicted with some type of viral infection, like the coronavirus, and you will have a pretty good idea of what those droplets can do to you.

A Viral Infection

With the outbreak of coronavirus, it is of vital importance that you lower your risk of catching such viral infection, particularly amid a very dense population today. Even without coronavirus, flu and colds are already common viral ailments that cause numerous symptoms like headaches, sore throats, and runny noses.

Battling a viral infection can often cause people to skip work or spend valuable time with family and friends. Good thing some supplements can help lower the risk of developing or acquiring a viral infection.


A truly remarkable macronutrient, zinc can be sourced from nuts, fish, meat, and other types of food. This supplement has also become widely accepted as a good treatment option for common colds and flu.  supplements zinc fight viral infection supplements zinc fight viral infection Photo: stevepb - Pixabay

This popular belief has a scientific basis as several studies have found that zinc lozenges could help lower the duration of flu or cold of a person. Researchers also say zinc may help lower the amount of upper respiratory infections, particularly in children. Aside from fighting infections, zinc also helps in hastening the healing of wounds. According to the Mayo Clinic, zinc is being used by many to treat colds since 1984, when a study on the nutrient showed it could keep people from getting sick.

A recent analysis of several pieces of research showed zinc syrup or lozenges reduced cold duration by one day, particularly when taken within the first 24 hours of signs of cold symptoms. This has rekindled the argument over the efficacy of zinc in preventing and treating the common cold.

Another recent study found that the recovery rate of those taking high doses of zinc daily is three times better compared to people who did not take the supplement. This particular study was conducted by scientists from the University of Helsinki.

Beta Glucan Supplements

Nutritionists, for their part, say that taking 1,3,1,6 beta-glucan supplements regularly also helps in lowering the risk of catching flu or cold. It does this by enhancing the immune system to defend the body against any virus attack.

A senior nutritionist at Pharma Nord, Frankie Brogan, said that white blood cells play vital roles in fighting infections. The cells digest foreign invaders, which then triggers inflammation and halting the spread of infection. 

While white blood cell activity is oftentimes triggered by the onset of an infection, nutritional supplements like 1,3,1,6 beta-glucan are able to trigger essential cells at an early time. According to Brogan, this supplement does not cause any harm to the body. It just triggers the immune system at an early time to prepare it for any flu or cold viruses before such infects the body.