Ronda Rousey reacts after defeating Cat Zingano (not pictured) during their women's bantamweight title bout at UFC 184 at Staples Center. Rousey won in 14 seconds of the first round, Feb 28, 2015, Los Angeles, CA. Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Ready for UFC 207? Whether you’re watching the women’s bantamweight fight solo or hosting a party, you’re going to want to pour yourself a beverage ahead of this event.

Amanda Nunes, also known as “The Lioness,” and Ronda Rousey, also known as “Rowdy,” will go head-to-head Friday in “what promises to be one of the biggest UFC events in history,” according to the Los Angeles Times. Rousey, who lost to Holly Holm in Australia in 2015, will square off against Brazilian champion Amanda Nunes in Las Vegas.

If you are planning to host a viewing party, the main card fight is slated to begin at 10 p.m. EST and the prelims will kick off at 8 p.m. EST, according to the UFC site. The five-fight main card can be viewed on pay-per-view. UFC will also live stream the full events as well.

In honor of the legendary fight, whether you’re inviting friends over or hitting your neighborhood bar, here are some drinking game rules to get you in the spirit... with some spirits.

Reddit, of course, did the legwork and some users have already posted some drinking tips for the showdown. Tips from years past include: Taking a drink when the camera pans to someone famous (or good-looking), taking a stip when striking improves, pounding one back when the blue smoke appears or drinking when the crowd chants “USA!”

A UFC Drinking Game created by The Cheapseats proposed the following rules:

-Take a drink (or sip) of your beverage every time someone falls.

-Take a drink every time someone gets back on their feet.

-Take a drink whenever a fighter is described as “well-rounded” or a “complete fighter.”

-Finish your drink if either Mandy Moore or a cast member of “That '70s Show” appears on camera.

Players can add on to the rules as they see fit. They can also add some of the following rules from the Bleacher Report, as well:

- Take a drink when: Someone scores a takedown, when Dana White makes an appearance, you hear Kid Rock start to play or the blood starts to fly.

--Two drinks should be taken when phrases like “Here we go!” or “Dropping bombs” are uttered during a fight.