A self-titled UFO researcher claims to have found an alien base on the moon shaped like a cross.

Prominent conspiracy theorist and self-titled astrobiologist Scott Waring recently made a video of a “finding” he made in 2015. In an entry on the ET Database, Waring said he found a “cross shaped building” that reminded him of a “possible NASA base” on the moon.

In the video, Waring explained his views on the subject matter. He said the original photo had already been deleted along with “all the Zond mission data,” but someone had saved this specific photo and uploaded it to another website.

He said the “cross shaped building” looks like the “swastika” symbol used by the Nazis. He also said that since the “building” is shaped like a “cross,” it might have been created for religious purposes its builders only know.

Waring also speculated that this “cross shaped building” might not be a building at all but “a spacecraft that landed” in that very site. He said the photo doesn’t give enough detail for him to verify if any of his speculations are true, but he speculated anyway.

moon with two dark sides
Although it is no longer uncharted land, the origin of the dark territory of Cassini Regio on Iapetus remains a mystery. The view looks down onto the northern hemisphere of Iapetus and shows terrain on the moon leading hemisphere NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

The UFO enthusiast also claimed that there are other structures within the same photo where he found that “cross shaped building” or “spacecraft.” Some of these “structures,” he said, can only be seen by using photo editing software to add some contrast, tweak the brightness settings, and increase the photo’s sharpness.

First, he showed what he claimed to be a “building” located near the bottom right part of the photo, relatively near the “cross shaped building.” He didn’t give any description about that “structure,” except that it wouldn’t be seen without adjusting the photo’s contrast.

Second, Waring claimed that there’s some sort of “pillar” or “tall monument” near the “cross shaped building.” The huge “monument” or “megalith,” as he called it, appeared to look like it had some sort of significance as it was near the “cross shaped structure.”

Not the first

This isn’t the first time Waring “found” some “structures” on the moon. Previously, he also found a “pyramid,” a huge building that looked like the “Empire State Building,” and an “alien base” on the moon.