• A UFO expert believes he spotted an alien fossil on Mars
  • Photo of the alleged fossil was taken by NASA's Curiosity rover
  • The expert believes the photo proves the existence of aliens on Mars

A UFO expert believes that NASA’s rover on Mars accidentally photographed the remains of a deceased alien creature. For the expert, the photo taken by the agency proves the existence of tall aliens on the Red Planet.

The strange sighting was reported by Scott Waring of ET Data Base through a recent blog post. He claimed to have spotted the alleged alien fossil while he was viewing some of the photos taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars.

One of the photos that Waring came across was taken by the rover about a year after it arrived on the Red Planet. According to the details of the photo, it was taken in a region known as Point Lake, an area visited by the rover in October and November of 2012.

According to NASA, Curiosity took photos of the area to survey the terrain. The agency noted that the rover was looking for an ideal site to test its drill for the first time during its mission.

After going through the photo, Waring noted that he spotted a strange object on the ground near the bottom portion of the image. According to Waring, the strange object looks like the upper body of a humanoid creature.

Through the photo, the UFO expert was able to identify distinct physical features such as the head, torso and an arm.

“I found an alien body lying on the surface of Mars in a NASA photo,” Waring stated in a blog post. “The body is wearing a black suit and the face area of the suit shows that the face is no longer there. There is only an empty opening which should have parts of the skull still inside.”

As noted by Waring, the strange object could be the fossilized remains of an alien that died on the Red Planet a long time ago. Based on the size of the object, Waring noted that the alleged alien creature could be about four meters tall.

“There are several long black objects not far from where his upper and lower legs should be, so that may account for the legs,” he stated. “The alien would be about 4 meters tall, twice that of a human.”

Mars Photo Panoramic View From 'Rocknest' Position of Curiosity Mars Rover Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems