• Several UFOs were spotted flying over Utah
  • A UFO expert believes the objects came from an underground base
  • The objects  might be satellites flying in low-Earth orbit

A man in Utah spotted a fleet of mysterious objects flying in the sky. According to a UFO expert, the objects could be alien vessels that came from an underground base.

Video of the UFO sighting was posted on YouTube by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. Waring noted that the footage was captured by an unidentified male individual from St. George, Utah.

According to the eyewitness, he spotted the strange objects from his house. They appeared as bright blinking spherical objects in the sky.

At first, the eyewitness thought that the objects were helicopters or jet planes since he lived near the Nellis Air Force Base. However, the objects did not look like traditional aircraft. According to the eyewitness, he spotted about six of the strange objects in the sky. He noted that each of the mysterious objects could be about 70 feet long.

“[I] was in my backyard and [saw] some flashes going about maybe 40 miles away, I counted 6,” the eyewitness stated. “I was in my room (window faces the north) and [saw] some flashing. [I] thought it was a [helicopter] or jet being only 70 miles from Nellis AFB, but then [I saw] the outline of the flash. It was like a square plate.”

After viewing the video, Waring claimed that the strange objects flying over the area could be alien vessels. As seen in the video, the strange objects seem to be flying upwards towards the clouds.

According to Waring, the direction of the strange objects suggests that they came from an alleged alien base hidden beneath the ground.

“They seem to be rising upwards into the clouds,” he stated in a blog post. “Probably came from an underground alien base in the local area.”

For now, the objects in the video can be considered as UFOs since it is not yet clear what they are exactly. However, it is possible that the objects are satellites that are bright enough to be spotted during the day.

SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, for example, were mistaken by a lot of people as UFOs when they were first launched.

A photograph of a screen shows infra-red video of taken from a Mexican Air Force patrol aircraft of 7 bright objects flying over the eastern coastal state of Campeche on March 25, 2004. REUTERS