• A UFO expert spotted alien structures on Mercury
  • The alleged alien structures were found using Google Maps
  • The two structures were found at the center of craters

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a couple of massive alien structures on Mercury. Interestingly, both of the strange objects can be found at the center of two different craters.

Images of the alleged alien structures on Mercury were discovered by Scott Waring of the UFO-focused blog ET Data Base. He came across the images using Google Maps. As he was exploring the surface of Mercury using Google’s mapping service, he came across a massive object sitting at the center of a crater.

Based on the photo, the object appears like a giant rock formation inside the crater. However, according to Waring, the object is actually an artificial structure built by aliens on Mercury. It could be a base used by aliens on the planet.

Through the scaling feature of Google Maps, Waring estimated that the structure could be about 10 kilometers long.

“I found this really long structure in a crater on planet Mercury today. According to the measurement in the lower right-hand corner of the google map, its 10km long,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “That’s a big structure to go unnoticed by astronomers for so long.”

The alleged alien base is not the only strange object that Waring spotted on Mercury. Aside from this, he also came across an image that he referred to as a tower.

Like in his first sighting, Waring spotted the alleged tower at the center of a massive crater on the planet. He believes that the tower is about 10 kilometers tall.

Similar to the first structure he saw, Waring believes that the tower was also built and used by the aliens that lived on Mercury. However, Waring did not mention if he thinks the aliens that built the structure were the local inhabitants of Mercury or if they were only stationed on the planet. It is possible that the base and tower served as alien outposts on Mercury.

“This tower is over 10km tall,” he stated. “That’s massive. There is nothing on earth that is man-made that tall. It’s just incredible that this could go unnoticed by scientists worldwide.”

NASA has shared an image of a stunning impact crater on Mercury. Pictured: In this handout from NASA, the surface of Mercury is seen in a picture taken by NASA's Messenger spacecraft as it approached the planet January 14, 2008. The image was taken from about 11,000 miles from the planet and shows a region 300 miles across. Getty Images/NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington