• A UFO expert spotted an alleged alien city on the Moon
  • Photos of the Moon were taken by the LRO spacecraft
  • A UFO expert believes the Moon was once inhabited by ancient aliens

A UFO expert claimed that a photo taken by NASA’s robotic spacecraft captured a massive alien city on the Moon. According to the expert, the city may have been inhabited by an ancient race of aliens that once lived on the Moon.

The strange sighting was made by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. According to Waring, photos of the alleged alien city were taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). As indicated in the details of the photo, the LRO focused on a region on the Moon known as Vallis Schröteri or Schroter’s Valley.

This area is characterized by a sinuous rille or long channel-like depression on the lunar surface.  It has the largest sinuous rille on the Moon.

As Waring was going through the photos taken by the LRO, he came across an area that he believes used to be a populated city. Based on the photos, the UFO expert was able to identify certain features of the alleged city such as buildings, tunnels and ancient roads.

“The city has what looks like ancient roads or collapsed tunnels leading from it to other buildings further away from it,” Waring wrote on a blog post.

He initially thought that the city was less than a kilometer wide. However, after checking with the photo’s data, Waring estimated that the city could be about 2 kilometers across. In addition to the city, he also spotted a monolith that’s around half a kilometer tall.

According to Waring, the presence of a city and monolith clearly show that an alien civilization once lived on the Moon. This idea is very similar to the one he has about Mars after seeing the remains of alleged alien artifacts. He believes that an ancient alien race once lived on the Red Planet.

“I said in the video that the city appears to be 0.5 km across, but when looking at the photo measurements, it may actually be 2.0 km across,” the UFO expert explained. “That would make that monolith 0.5 km high. Absolute proof that intelligent aliens once lived on the surface of our Moon.”