'Ultra Street Fighter II'
'Ultra Street Fighter II' will bust its way to Nintendo Switch May 26 for $39.99. The release date was recently announced by Capcom. The new game includes two new characters, two new modes and pristine HD graphics based on a '90s classic. Capcom/Nintendo

Ultra Street Fighter II finally has a release date on Nintendo Switch, and it’s fairly soon. A tweet from the official Street Fighter Twitter account revealed the game will be available May 26 for the starting price of $39.99.

Ultra Street Fighter II was first unveiled for Switch during the console’s January reveal celebration. It’s a reworked version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo that released in 1994, but it’s back with a choice between pixel-perfect and HD aesthetics. It also features two new characters, a first-person battle mode called Way Of The Hado and the Buddy Battle mode where two players cooperatively battle a single opponent.

The game’s price point has been something of a sore spot because the product is very close in content to Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix that launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008. Currently that game can be purchased for as low as $10 and was around $20 at launch. The modes and characters mentioned above are exclusive to Switch, but some feel they don’t justify the comparatively expensive cost.

Ultra Street Fighter II’s release date is just one of many recent Switch game announcements over the past few hours. Yesterday, Blaster Master Zero and several other indie titles were featured during a 15-minute showcase. Last week, we also learned that Shovel Knight and Fast RMX would be launch titles for the system.

To reiterate, Ultra Street Fighter II comes to Nintendo Switch May 26. Its price is $39.99.