Under the Dome season 2 spoilers
Get the scoop on what happened during episode 3 of "Under the Dome." Brownie Harris/CBS2014

If it was drama you wanted, it was drama you got when episode 3 of “Under the Dome” aired on CBS Monday night. “Force Majeure” was full of eye-widening moments, and we’ve rounded up the most chilling ones for you, starting with the acidic storm of blood that fell upon the residents of Chester’s Mill.

1. It’s Raining Blood: As the townsfolk gathered at the diner to take a survey of what kind of supplies they need, a storm of bloodlike rain began to pour. Not only is that pretty gross, but as it turns out the raining blood was also acidic, burning any resident who had their bare skin exposed. The town’s barber, Lyle, told Big Jim that he believed the rain to be one of the 10 plagues of the apocalypse. But Rebecca, the town’s schoolteacher, chimed in, giving her scientific response to the problem. Big Jim is now torn between whether he should lean on fate or science to solve the crisis in Chester’s Mill.

2. #TheDome: Prior to the storm of blood, Rebecca had sent Joe, Norrie and the mysterious girl into the school to retrieve something. What we couldn’t understand is how Rebecca could be so cold. Didn’t Joe’s sister, Angie, just get murdered in that school? Why would she think it’s OK to send a bunch of kids, one whom was just threatened at gunpoint, into a crime scene? But when they do arrive, the trio learns that the Dome actually has Internet connection. So, what do they do? Well, obviously they check Twitter! They find out The Dome is a trending topic among the savvy social media users. Junior, who is also lurking throughout the school trying to regain his memory of what happened during his blackout (he thinks he killed Angie), uses the Internet connection to sift through emails.

Under the dome season 2 spoilers
What does Lyle know about Junior's mother? Brownie Harris/CBS2014

3. Is Junior’s Mom Really Alive?: While looking through dozens of messages, Junior opens a video message from his mother. Apparently she’s still alive and living outside the Dome. How convenient? She pleads to her son to find Lyle and to get answers from him. But Lyle’s role in episode 3 only grows as “Force Majeure” continues.

4. Who is Lyle really?: Lyle turns out to not only be former lovers with Junior’s mom but he’s also convinced that the rapture will soon be hitting the Dome with a deadly result. He feels the need to rid Chester’s Mill of any nonbelievers, starting with Rebecca. While Big Jim and Rebecca were on the road looking to help those in need and attempting to end the blood rain, a hooded man jumped out into the street, causing the duo to crash their vehicle.

The masked man turns out to be Lyle. He throws Big Jim out of the car into the acidic rain and hijacks the vehicle with Rebecca as his hostage. When she finally wakes up in his lair, Lyle asks the schoolteacher to make a choice: to fall in line or stick to her scientific ways. Rebecca refuses to stop trying to save the town with science, which is when Lyle breaks out a bowl of burning rain. He pours it down her neck, which quickly changes her tune. She swears to become a believer in the Dome, but Lyle isn’t convinced and decides to end her life with a fatal shot.

That’s when Barbie, Julia and Junior storm in like a band of heroes in raincoats. Julia uses her sly words to slowly coax Lyle away from hurting Rebecca. But once the science teacher is able to free her hands, she tosses the bowl of rain into Lyle’s face. Julia screams at Rebecca and asks her why she did that, considering he was about to let her go. But Rebecca just shoots back a nasty glare. And at that moment, we were totally on Rebecca’s side.

5. Give Me Crops Or Give Me Death: After Chester’s Mill survives the storm of blood (thanks to Rebecca curing it with her “sciencey” method) the schoolteacher reveals that the town will have bigger problems to face in the near future.

Chester's Mill is running out of resources, quickly, which is when Rebecca suggests something so outrageous she nearly caused our jaws to drop. “Days coming where there won’t be enough food to sustain us,” Rebecca reveals, explaining that the town may have to “thin the herd” to survive.

That’s when Julia figures out that Rebecca’s surveys were actually a census to decide who will live and who will die. But oddly enough, Julia seems to be the only one sickened by Rebecca’s plan. Even Barbie is taking the horrific idea into consideration. But who will be seen as an asset and who will be labeled as a burden? Well, it looks like Rebecca has a scientific app for that. She reveals a story where the elderly were put into a tree, which was then shaken rapidly by town people. Who ever hung out was deemed fit enough to survive. The others … weren’t so lucky.

6. Junior Confronts Lyle: Just as his mother suggested, Junior decides to pay Lyle a visit in jail – just moments after his uncle, Sam, did. Junior is itching to know what information Lyle has, but the prisoner isn’t willing to give up the valued knowledge without getting something in return: his freedom. Will Junior free a potential murderer in hopes for some details about his mother?

7. Who Is Melanie Cross?: The mystery regarding the unknown girl has finally been solved! Well, kind of. It turns out Melanie Cross is actually from the past – 1988, to be specific. She was the owner of the locker that Angie opened prior to her death.

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