Unreal Engine arriving in 2012?
Unreal Engine arriving in 2012? unrealengine.com

According to new reports, Epic Games could be ready to unveil its Unreal Engine 4 before 2013. The announcement was made by the company's vice president Mark Rein, who was excited about the possibilities the new gaming engine will provide in the coming months.

At the DICE summit, which is a developer gathering in Las Vegas, Rein confirmed that Epic would reveal Unreal Engine 4 later in the year. The most probable date for an official announcement about the engine could be the Game Developers Conference which is coming up next month.

People are going to be shocked later this year when they see Unreal Engine 4 and how much more profound an effect it will have, Rein told G4TV in an interview.

However, there could be a problem with the new engine being released so early as the current generation games only support the previous generation of the Unreal Engine. But it is expected that the new engine will look to compete with the newly found popularity of the Frostbite 2.0 engine which revealed itself with Battlefield 3 last year.

Rein also said that the new engine is currently running with unnamed systems, according to a Now Gamer report.