The State Department on Wednesday announced plans to add a third gender option for passports.

This new X gender designation will not require proof or medical certification showing their self-selected gender may not match other forms of identification. This new rule will also allow people to self-select male or female on their passport.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that this process will take time and added that the department would work with agencies "to ensure as smooth a travel experience as possible for the passport holder.”

This represents President Joe Biden's latest move on his agenda to advance LGBTQI+ human rights around the world.

“We are committed to promoting the freedom, dignity, and equality of all people – including LGBTQI+ persons,” the department wrote in a statement. “We are taking further steps toward demonstrating this commitment to better serve all U.S. citizens, regardless of their gender or sex.”

The U.S. is not the first country to make official documents of identification more LGBTQI+ friendly. Argentina, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Nepal, the Netherlands and Pakistan have all adopted new gender identifiers on passports in recent years.

To follow the progress of the changes, visit the state department’s dedicated web page.