U.S-based ReCellular Inc, a global leader in collecting, reselling and recycling used wireless phones and accessories, will esbalish its regional office in HK, considering HK's strategic location and its position as a huge and rising mobile phone user market in Aisa.

The new office will take the task of evaluation of purchased mobile phone products, parts and components produced or sourced in the region in its product evaluation laboratories. It also supplies mobile phones to refurbishers and repairers as well as conducting other sales functions.

Company's CEO and president Charles Newman said Hong Kong's location near China Mainland - the fastest growing telecommunications market in the world, is the one of important reasons they put the office here. They hope take advantage of this very attractive opportunity expand their business.

Founded in 1991, Michigan-based ReCellular Inc is the largest company in this market and currently processes over 300,000 phones per month.