The US Navy on Wednesday unveiled its fastest, hi-tech and aggressive ship that chases pirates known as USS Freedom.

It has speed of 45 knots and range is 3500 nautical miles, fully loaded of 3000 tons, with dimensions of 379.0 × 43.0 × 12.8 feet. It is built with two SH-60 Seahawk helicopters and three unmanned aerial vehicles.

It's more than an evolutionary step forward, it's a revolutionary step forward...It's highly automated and it's very fast,” said Cmdr. Michael Doran …For a piracy mission, we can go out there and cover more water with fewer ships.

It is also armed with a 57 millimeter gun capable of 220 rpm at range of 9 miles, four 12.7 machine guns and Raytheon SeaRAM missiles

Recently, Somali Pirates have hijacked a fourth vessel in 48 hours by Lebanese-owned cargo ships, and another German ship today at south of the Yemeni port of Al Mukalla and has more than 100 hijackings over the last year.

The said USS freedom was approved by the states Secretary of Defense ordered by former-President George W. Bush in 2004.