A CBS News poll released Sunday found that a majority of Americans find Democrats "weak," while Republicans are considered "extreme." The results come as many states have completed their primaries ahead of November's midterm elections.

The poll found that 51% described Democrats as "weak," while 54% described the Republican party as "extreme."

Democrats didn't do well with other important descriptions. The poll found that extreme (49%), in touch (39%), strong (38%), effective (36%) described Democrats.

Republicans struggled, as well. The poll showed that hateful (50%), strong (46%), weak (41%), and caring (37%) described Republicans.

Abortion rights might be the most important issue entering the midterms. With Roe v. Wade in the balance, 63% said that if it is overturned, it would impact whether they show up to vote in November.

Americans also do have a positive outlook on the economy, with a high number calling it "bad."