Usher Raymond and his stepson Kyle Glover
After Usher's 11-year-old stepson Kyle was declared brain dead, a family friend is being investigated for causing the accident.

Usher's stepson from his estranged wife, Tameka Foster, was allegedly pronounced brain-dead after he was involved in a watercraft accident on Friday. The New York Daily News reported that a family friend is being investigated after the the accident.

Usher's stepson, Kyle Glover, is still in the hospital as of Monday after family friend Jeffrey S. Hubbard from Atlanta reportedly caused the collision that injured the 11-year-old, an official revealed to the Daily News.

The boy and his 15-year-old friend had been riding on an inner tube on Lake Lanier in Georgia when Hubbard allegedly struck the two children with a jet ski. He is currently being investigated for the accident. Both of the minors were taken to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, MTV reported.

Basically, a pontoon was pulling two juveniles on an inner tube, and the watercraft ran over the top of them, Sgt. Mike Burgamy, of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, explained to the Daily News.

Sgt. Burgamy added that two officers witnessed the water collision.

MTV added that Glover was declared brain dead as a result of a head injury, but the 15-year-old unidentified female suffered a gash to her head and a broken arm.

It's not believed that alcohol was involved, nor did the jet ski malfunction, Sgt. Burgamy said.

Both of the minors were wearing life jackets at the time of the accident, he said.

One minute, the jet ski was running around, the next he ran over the top of them. It happened that quickly, he said to the Daily News. It appears the watercraft did strike both juveniles, with the male taking the brunt of the force.

Kyle Glover's mother, Usher's ex-wife Tameka Foster, simply told Radar Online, He's bad, when referring to her son's condition.

R&B superstar Usher Raymond was reportedly close with Glover.

He grew close to Kyle and, of course, that has nothing to do with the situation with Tameka, a source told Us Weekly. He loved Kyle. This is a terrible, awful tragedy. Usher is torn up.

Another source said to Us Weekly, Usher practically raised Kyle as his own. He's known him for seven years. It is so sad what happened.

Some celebrities took to Twitter to ask for prayers for Usher's stepson.

Everyone, PLEASE pray for Usher and Tameka's son! This is the time they really need your prayers, singer Fantasia tweeted.

Praying that Usher and Tameka's son is ok ... Russell Simmons also tweeted.

Foster, Glover's mother, wrote on her Facebook page, Kyle, You are strong ... You'll be saved, I know it. I love you my baby. I need all #Prayers for my son! thanks you everybody!

Sgt. Burgamy was unable to comment on what charges Hubbard might face since it depends on whether Glover's condition gets better or worse.

It depends on the male's condition. With certain things we have to wait and see, he said to the Daily News. Once we gather all our info, we'll talk to the District Attorney and discuss it with them to decide what action to take.

Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond were married in 2007 but divorced two years later, according to MTV, and they are currently going through a custody battle.

Tameka and Usher don't get along, but in this circumstance Usher is coming to her side, an insider said to Us Weekly.