A Utah woman is receiving hate on social media for taking part in a TikTok dance challenge in a hospital room beside her ailing newborn son.

Whitney Leavitt took to the social media app to share a video of herself dancing to rapper Kendrick Lamar’s hit single "Love" next to her newborn son, who is seen lying in a crib with breathing tubes strapped to his face. The baby was recently diagnosed with a respiratory syncytial virus, that infects the lungs and breathing passages.

"Lil Lee was taken [to the hospital] cause of low oxygen. He tested positive for RSV. Waiting for him to breathe better on his own," the 28-year-old captioned the since-deleted post, New York Post reported.

The video soon went viral with people slamming her. "Baby in hospital very sick. Mom makes tik tok video dancing next to baby. This generation should not reproduce," one person wrote.

"The baby [is going to] grow up & be like “I was fighting for my life & you was out here making TIKTOKS?" another wrote.

However, some people also supported the woman, noting her video’s uplifting undertones.

"A lot of y’all moms ain’t passing the vibe check on that video going around of the young mother dancing next to her baby in the hospital. You don’t get to judge someone who has probably not had a shower or any sleep in over 24 hours. Someone who is clearly stressed and manic," one person commented.

After deleting the video, Leavitt posted another clip, talking about what prompted her to shoot the video.

"I understand that people are upset with the video that I made. I just want to be clear and communicate that that was me just trying to be positive. I think it’s important to not just assume what someone is going through. Anyways, I took the video down because I could see where somebody could get the wrong idea. But that honestly was just me just trying to be positive in this situation," she said weeping in footage that was shared on social media Sunday.

She also thanked all those who defended her. "I do want to say thank you for people who have reached out to me and my family. I just really appreciate it," she said.

Representational Image Credit: Pixabay