With less than a week to go until Valentine's Day 2012, it's hard to believe the romantic holiday would actually be cancelled, but 9GAG has mathematical proof:


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The satirical illustration highlights a well- known fact about the holiday; it has its lovers and its haters. The modern day observation of Feb.14 has very little to do with Saint Valentine to whom the day is dedicated to, and bears little resemblance to romantic traditions of the Chaucerian age, when the day was first associated with love.

Today, couples use the holiday as an excuse to go out on romantic dinners, getaways and shower one another in heart shaped confetti and gifts. For singles the day is often spent avoiding places with couples and clichéd red décor, although some say it's brings the single community together and is a perfect opportunity for a first date.

What Men and Women Really Want from the Romantic Holiday

A recent survey carried out by the romantic social network, Zoosk.com found what men and women are really after on Valentine's Day. The results are based on a survey carried out on 1,200 singles in the U.S.

Attention to men: Women don't want chocolate, flowers or red lingerie.

58 percent of women say flowers and chocolates are too cliché and they prefer a Valentine's Day gift that involves more thought.

While women love cheesy, sappy Valentine's cards; men can do without.

65 percent of women say they love sappy Valentine's Day cards.

The majority of men (58 percent) would rather that you save your money.

Singles are more impressed with year-round romance rather than Valentine's Day romance.

62 percent of singles say the best time for a romantic date is sometime other than Valentine's Day. Singles appreciate romance when it's not as expected.

Single's love having little pressure on Valentine's Day.

49 percent of singles say the best aspect of being single on February 14 is that there is no pressure--I don't have to plan anything, buy anything, or get dressed up.

36 percent of singles say the best aspect is I don't have to be romantic just because it's Valentine's Day.

16 percent of singles say the best part of being single on Valentine's Day is that it's less expensive!

Zoosk is a global romantic social network that brings together thousands of singles each month. It is available in 25 languages and has subscribers in more than 70 countries.