Valentine's day pet ideas
Show your pet love on Valentine's Day by treating it to some new gifts or playtime. Pictured: Two Yorkshire terriers, Billy and Jully, at a pet motel in Sao Paulo, Aug. 26, 2005. Reuters

Valentine's Day isn't just for showing your significant other how much you love him or her. The holiday of love is also a great time to remind your pet that it holds a special place in your heart too.

Check out seven fun and cool ways to show your furry little friend just how purrrfect you think it is.

1. Toys

You can't go wrong with buying your pet a new plush toy it can enjoy. For some budget-friendly ideas check out Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers pet line at Petco. You can snag a plush red heart-shaped toy for your dog for only $4.19. Over at Wayfair, cat lovers can treat their feisty feline to a Scratch n' Shapes recycled paper scratching board for $14.99 or pick up a Leaps & Bounds chocolate-dipped strawberry catnip toy from Petco for a little over $2.

2. Clothes and Collars

What says I love you more than a new crew pink striped dog sweater etched with the word "LOVE"? The cozy-looking gear is now on sale at Petco for $11.99. Or if you're pooch is a mini-fashionista, you could pick up a black and white striped dog hoodie with red lining and metallic red lips printed on the top from Stefani's Harajuku Lovers pet line. The mini-hoodie costs $11.99 at Petco.

PetSmart also has some fun pet gifts, including a pink and gray polka dot cat collar and a pink glow-in-the-dark cat collar. Both are from Martha Stewart's pet line and cost under $10. For a gift that's a little more sentimental, Friendship Collar sells matching collars for pets and bracelets for their owners . Dog and cat lovers can choose from a variety designs like Puppy Love, a pink collar with gold hearts, or Dotty Moggy, a black collar with gold dots. The collars and matching bracelets range in prices, so click here for more information.

3. New Pet Beds

Treat your dog or cat to a new bed like a red plush "Gone Fetching" cuddler dog bed from Martha Stewart's PetSmart collection or a "Gone Fetching" dog pillow. Both plush pads are under $10. And if you want to treat your cat like a princess on Valentine's Day, Target's pink and white cardboard house might be the way to go. The mini home comes with a cat scratcher inside and costs only $10.19.

4. Sweet Treats

One of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts among people are chocolate and candy, so why not treat your pet to a few sweets? You can grab a bag of Smittens, tiny heart-shaped treats, for your kittens or cats from The Honest Kitchen. The gift costs $13.99. Healthy Hound Bakery also has an array of dog-friendly Valentine's Day snacks like heart-shaped doggie cakes embellished with your pet's name for $19.95, or the Valentine Love Bag for $16.95, which includes a variety of healthy nibblers.

5. Arrange a Play Date

Invite some friends over (who also have pets) and spend part of your Valentine's Day having a nice little pet-friendly play date. While you and your friends laugh and catch up with one another, let your pets roam around and bond with their new furry friends.

6. Take Them Out

Instead of staying indoors for Valentine's Day, take your pet out on the town and pamper it a little bit with a trip to the grooming salon. Afterward, you can head over to a pet-friendly park or take it for a walk in your favorite part of town.

7. Picture Day

Make sure always remember what a fun Valentine's Day you and your pet had with a professional photo session. JC Penny offers pet portraits, but you have to call your local store to set up an appointment.