Valentine's Day
For those who are over the traditional Valentine's Day ideas, try a unique date for 2016. Getty Images

Sick of doing the same thing every year for Valentine’s Day? For those who want to get off the proverbial hamster wheel, a unique date idea might be the perfect way to celebrate the holiday of love. For those who are short on ideas but have an open mind, check out the following suggestions below:

1. Try to remake your first date: Whether it’s eating at the same restaurant or going back to the same place, try to recreate the first time you both hung out. Bonus points to any couple that can remember the clothes they wore. It would definitely help if there were photo evidence of the first date, plus it would make for a cute side-by-side picture afterward.

2. Lunch or drinks at the beach: This can be a fun way for people to celebrate, especially for those who live in the colder regions of the U.S. Pack a picnic and head to the beach. For those who are 21 and older and like to drink, pack some beers or adult beverages. Cheers the day away with a romantic, but chilly, evening on the beach.

3. Pretend to be a tourist in your own town: It might sound like a strange to do, but it could be a fun way to spend the day with your significant other and not break the bank. Let loose and take pictures just like the newcomers do. Take time to walk into that cute shop you passed million times but never went into.

4. Do something adventurous: It’s not that often that a couple will go sky-diving to say, “I love you,” but how about a hike in the woods? Since it’s cold in most places, incorporating a winter sport into a Valentine’s Day event might be the best option, like going skiing or snow tubing.

5. Make the gift. Valentine’s Day has essentially become synonymous as a holiday that is only about material items. Bring the love back into V-day by making the gift. Whether it’s a meal at home, a card or even a “picture tree,” this is definitely an instance where it’s the thought that counts.

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