Valheim Mistlands gear
Carapace Armor with the two-handed sword Krom in Valheim Valheim


  • A Black Forge is required to craft Mistlands-tier gear
  • Most new equipment pieces require resources from Mistlands biomes
  • Iron can be mined from the giant weapons and armor scattered in the Mistlands

The introduction of the Mistlands biome in "Valheim" also came with a ton of new raw resources to gather, refine and turn into awesome gear, which makes the previous tier of Blackmetal equipment obsolete.

Conquering the Mistlands is no easy task, and using nothing but the best weapons and armor can make all the difference as players try to find and fight the new boss lurking in the newly-added zone type.

Here's what players need to prepare to make the new Mistlands weapons and armor in "Valheim."

Crafting Station: Black Forge

First, players will need to unlock the recipe for the Black Forge, which holds all of the new crafting recipes. This crafting station requires the following resources:

  • Black Marble
  • Yggdrasil Wood
  • Black Core
  • Workbench

Black Marble is obtained by breaking dead giant bones with a Blackmetal Pickaxe. Yggdrasil Wood can be chopped off from small tree saplings surrounding the fallen branches of the world tree itself. Black Cores are inside Mistlands dungeons.

Valheim Black Forge
Black Forges are new crafting stations from the Mistlands update Valheim

New Mistlands Weapons and Armor

There are 10 new traditional weapons in "Valheim" and two armor sets as of the Mistlands update (not counting the magical staves and spells). Here's what players need to make them:

  • Krom (two-handed sword) – Iron Bar, Tin Bar, Scale Hide
  • Mistwalker (sword) – Fine Wood, Iron Bar, Refined Eitr, Wisp
  • Jotun Bane (axe) – Yggdrasil Wood, Iron Bar, Refined Eitr, Bilebag
  • Skoll and Hati (knife and sickle) – Fine Wood, Iron Bar, Blackmetal Bar
  • Carapace Spear – Yggdrasil Wood, Carapace, Mandible
  • Himmin Afl (atgeir) – Yggdrasil Wood, Silver Bar, Mandible, Refined Eitr
  • Spine Snap (bow) – Fine Wood, Bone Fragments, Refined Eitr
  • Arbalest (crossbow) – Wood, Iron Bar, Root
  • Demolisher (sledge) – Yggdrasil Wood, Iron Bar, Refined Eitr
  • Carapace Armor – Carapace, Scale Hide, Iron Bar, Refined Eitr, Mandible
  • Eitr Weave set – Linen Thread, Refined Eitr, Feathers, Scale Hide, Iron Bar

Most of the resources needed to craft these items can be found in the Mistlands. They includes Iron since the gigantic pieces of ancient armor scattered about the new biome can be destroyed to obtain Scrap Metal. This means players won't have to run back to Swamp dungeons for Iron runs.

Valheim Crossbow
Valheim's Mistlands update added a new crossbow weapon Valheim