Valheim Mistlands Magic
Magical staves and spells were added in Valheim together with the Mistlands update Iron Gate AB


  • Players must defeat Yagluth and venture into the Mistlands to unlock magic
  • The Galdr Table is required to craft staves and other magical items
  • Using magic requires Eitr, which is obtained by eating food with specific ingredients

The Mistlands update added an entire spellcasting system to "Valheim" that isn't quite like the ones seen in most other games. There's a bit of a hurdle to get over before players can start slinging spells, but thankfully, it's not overly complicated.

There will be some prerequisites before players can unlock the magic system in "Valheim." Those getting back into the game might want to check out what's new in the Mistlands update first.

Essential Materials

Before the spellcasting can start, players need to gather a laundry list of resources and build the appropriate crafting stations to get access to staves that allow magic. Find the following resources in the Mistlands first:

  • Yggdrasil Shoot
  • Yggdrasil Sap
  • Dvergr Extractor
  • Soft Tissue
  • Black Cores

Magic sap can be harvested from the fallen branches of the Yggdrasil tree scattered across the biome. Players will need to build a Sap Extractor over it first, though. Meanwhile, Dvergr Extractors can be obtained by destroying the glowing crates inside Dvergr camps. Soft Tissue drops from Dvergr crates or mined from the heads of dead Jotunns.

Black Cores are found inside the new Mistlands dungeons.

Valheim Mistlands Dungeon
New dungeons were added in the Valheim Mistlands update Iron Gate AB

Crafting Stations

Once these resources are harvested, players need to make an Eitr Refinery and Galdr Table.

The refinery turns raw Eitr from Yggdrasil branches into refined versions that can be used in crafting. Players will need several Refined Eitr to craft the Galdr Table, and they'll require even more if they want to come up with the rest of the items from the Mistlands.

Build the Galdr Table and unlock magical staves and spells from there.

How to Get Mana

To cast spells, players will need Eitr flowing through their veins. This can be achieved by eating food imbued with magical recipes or by drinking Eitr-infused mead.

Make sure to check the Cauldron and other cooking stations to see if new food recipes have been unlocked.

Valheim Yggdrasil Branch
Magical sap can be extracted from large branches like these in the Mistlands Valheim