A player wielding Frostner about to throw down with Bonemass in Valheim
A player wielding Frostner about to throw down with Bonemass in Valheim. Valheim


  • Players require the light of Wisps to explore the Mistlands
  • Wisps are gathered from Wisp Fountains at night
  • Wisps can be crafted into static and portable sources of light

The Mistlands update swooped in out of nowhere and straight into the "Valheim" public test server, allowing players to explore the new biome and all of its goodies before its official release for the live version of the game.

Exploring the new biome may be a bit troublesome, however, since it is covered in a thick fog that makes navigating the uneven terrain extremely difficult. The fog remains over the Mistlands perpetually, and players can't just wait for it to lift.

The solution involves a special item designed to pierce through the mists. Here's how to get it.

'Valheim' Wisps and How to Get Them

The secret to exploring the Mistlands lies in using Wisps of light that cause the thick fog to dissipate over a medium radius. Anyone who charges into the new biome blindly may find neutral dwarven outposts that several Wisplight lamp posts guarding their vicinity.

Wisps are unlike most other resources in "Valheim." Instead of collecting them from the wild, they come directly to the players themselves. However, this only occurs if a Wisp Fountain is nearby.

Valheim Wisp Fountain
Wisps gather around Wisp Fountains at night Valheim

Wisp Fountains lure the balls of light into their vicinity, allowing players to capture them for crafting purposes. These stations are built using 10 Stone and a Torn Spirit near Stonecutter.

Torn Spirits, previously known as Yagluth Things, drop from the boss of the Plains biome. Players who have cleared the game should check their storage units for these materials.

Once the Wisp Fountain is built, wait until nighttime. Wisps will eventually gather around it.

Wisplight and Torches

With Wisps now available, players can choose between Wisplights or Wisp Torches. The former is for exploring the Mistlands while the other is for keeping the fog at bay.

Wisplights follow players around as they explore, and they cost one Silver bar and one Wisp to craft. Head to a nearby workbench to find and craft this new item. Then, right-click on it from the inventory to equip it.

As for the torches, players need to equip a Hammer. Go to the Furniture tab and look for Wisp Torch. They can be placed on almost any surface so long as players have a Wisp and an Yggdrasil Shoot in their inventory.

Yggdrasil Shoots can be harvested from thin saplings found across the Mistlands.

Valheim Yggdrasil Shoots
Yggdrasil Shoots can be found around the Mistlands, near the glowing roots Valheim