Frozen Flame - Portal
The portal that leads to Mithra opens once all the masks are placed Frozen Flame


  • Players must find and activate three pillars by offering items to them
  • The pillars will spawn minibosses that drop masks when defeated
  • A boss awaits past the portal to the keeper

The moment players load into the world of Arcana right after the short introductory segment, they'll meet an NPC who'll help them get their bearings straight. Afterward, they'll be placed on the path to redeeming the dying realm through the game's main story quest.

The Search for the Keeper quest is a simple-enough job, but it does involve collecting a bunch of materials with confusing steps not communicated in the game. Here's a quick guide detailing the steps and some other helpful info for "Frozen Flame."


Players will need to finish the Total Recall quest first, though it directly precedes this quest, so it should be impossible to miss. Those who are having trouble finding materials for this quest can take a look at our previous guide.

Search for the Keeper Quest Steps

After giving Flint to Hornhead, he'll send players off to find his friend Bonehead near the central area of the Cradle of Keepers. Bonehead can be found sitting on some rubble by the stairs leading to a portal platform. He'll give players an old ceremonial mask that serves as a portal key.

The quest involves gathering the rest of the masks to open the portal that leads to the keeper Mithra. The items are found on shrines located in the locations below.

Frozen Flame - Altar locations
The altars in Cradle of Keepers can be found in these locations Frozen Flame

To activate the altars, players will need the following resources:

  • 5x Noble Mushrooms
  • 1x Roasted Meat
  • 1x Solid Essence

Mushrooms spawn all over the Cradle and can be picked normally. Roasted Meat is obtained by cooking a single piece of raw boar meat over a campfire. Solid Essence is grown from garden planters using a piece of flint and a Magic Seed.

Each of these altars will spawn a boss when activated, so make sure to bring food and weapons beforehand.

Ice Elemental Boss

Entering the portal will lead to a small arena with an Ice Elemental. This boss may seem intimidating, but it is surprisingly easy. Just stick to its knees, so half of its attacks will gloss over players and deal no damage.

Keep in mind that the boss can damage other enemies around it, so try to lure the lesser mobs to its attacks. Keep blocking and trading hits, and the Ice Elemental will eventually go down.

Frozen Flame - Elemental
Ice Elementals have telegraphied attacks that easy to dodge and block Frozen Flame