Get those tissues ready, “Vampire Diaries” fans. The Season 5 finale of the hit CW series is airing on Thursday, May 15 and we’ve got a sneak peek video that is bound to make you tear up.

The recently released clip from episode 22, “Home,” features Bonnie and Damon – and neither one of them is happy about the current situation that they’re in. Fans will remember that episode 21 of “The Vampire Diaries” ended with Bonnie’s losing her plan to save everyone on the other side and Stefan getting killed by Tyler/ Julian. Needless to say, it’s now crunch time and the pair are freaking out.

In the sneak peek video, Damon can be seen going on a rampage in Bonnie, Elena and Caroline’s dorm room. Smashing furniture, glass and anything else in his path, Bonnie begs him to stop. But that only turns his attention to her.

“You said you had a plan, Bonnie,” Damon says, visibly distraught.

“I did,” Bonnie argues. “I had a Traveler who knew the right spell.”

Bonnie explains that she got sucked away by the mysterious force, but Damon doesn’t care. Time is running out and he is desperate for a solution to their “Other Side” problem.

“Then find another one,” he fires back at the former witch.

“It’s more than just knowing the spell,” Bonnie tries to explain. “Markos was able to come back because dozens of Travelers were willing to sacrifice themselves in order to overwhelm me. I doubt they’d be willing to do that for a bunch of supernatural strangers.”

While Bonnie’s reasoning makes sense, Damon feels that she doesn’t have motivation to get the plan moving. So the bad boy Salvatore gives her some motivation.

“If the Other Side goes away everyone we know there, including you, goes away with it,” Damon angrily tells Bonnie with a weapon to her throat.

“I know that,” Bonnie says with a frightened look on her face. “Do you think I want to die?”

“My brother is over there,” Damon warns her, getting even more upset.

“I know that,” Bonnie cries out.

Will the pair come up with a plan to save Stefan, Enzo, and everyone else on the Other Side? Fans will have to wait and see when episode 22, the Season 5 finale, airs on the CW on May 15 at 8 p.m. EDT.

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